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The world may be a complicated place, but life can be simple…

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Be Nice or Leave

Some people may have conscience about what have they done and what kind of impacts may be caused by their own actions. Contrarily, some people are just too contemptuous to accept the truth. A truth that tells everyone except him the stupidity and ignorance presented by himself.

A wise man with bundles of defensive words is regarded as a fool who possesses guilt and timidity. He speaks out loud with strong stance, but unintentionally expresses his irrationalness.

Just like an arrogant swan. The more it honks, the less graceful it is.

Huey Fen

Questions to Self

“What am I doing here?”, “Is is the place I should be?”, “Should I be doing this?”, “Is this what I want?”….

More often then we realize, we tend to post questions ourselves more than to anyone or nowadays to anything (especially search engines for me) else.

It is an important process to be critical and evaluate our current state or situation, but my question here is: Are we just waiting for the question to answer itself (and at the same time asking more) or making a conscious effort to clarify our own doubts and eventually finding a satisfying answer?

Huan Jin

My Work Life

This week marks my 6th month at work! I started work in August and in a flash it is now already February.

August –  Started as a total noob. Almost job hop after 3 weeks at work to some start-up company. Absorbing like a sponge. Average 11 hour workday.

September – Busy. Becoming proficient at my work. Has some insights and knowledge. Still learning. Average 11 hour workday.

October – Work like mad. Realizing that I am resolving more then half the team’s issues. Average 12 hour workday. Multitasking.

November – Work like insane. Multitasking god knows how many things. Tired go home, wake up go work. Given Monthly Program Champion Award. Got promoted with pay rise and good benefits. Average 14 hour workday.

December – Work like mad sometimes. Still multitasking. Finally had some time with loved ones. Average 11 hour workday.

January – Work like mad again. Some not so desirable outcome with my project. Spends most of my time away from my desk fighting fire. Average 11 hour workday.

February – Feels odd having ‘normal’ workload. Taking initiative to value add. Ongoing. Uncertain of what is to come. Still looking forward to go to work everyday. Average 10 hour workday.

Huan Jin

Reality Check

Most people welcome encouragements especially when they are down. Words like “You can do it!”, “Nothing is Impossible” or “Don’t give up! You are Stronger than that!” can sometimes help to lift our spirits and help push us forward.


But sometimes, we got to do a reality check. A check to understand what we are capable of achieving.  A check to know what can be done and what is just out of reach.

Reality checks are often painful and unpleasant as compared to encouragements because part of it involves letting ourselves know what we can’t do and make us to bring ourselves accept our own shortcomings or weaknesses. But it helps us to realign our goals and ambitions to make them reachable. Reaching a what might seem to be lower goal is for most people, is definitely more mood lifting than not being able to reach a perceived higher goal. Celebrating “small” wins helps to build confidence and provides the motivation needed to achieve other or further goals.

Encouragements are like keeping a faith which provides spiritual nourishment, whereas reality checks are like food which provide a practical solution to a problem; hunger.

Personally, I am more of a reality check person then an encouragement person because I believe that reality checks are more effective in helping me achieving my goals the long run. 🙂

Huan Jin

Chess Pieces

I used to play chess often and was quite good at it. But over time, this hobby of mine was replaced with responsibilities and commitments as I grow older.

ChessboardChess pieces respond to your every instruction or will without any need for persuasion, convincing and motivation. But on the down side, they can’t value add, innovate nor be proactive.

In a game of chess, every move counts and that there is no turning back; and not to mention the clock is ticking as you make your move. Sometimes in an exciting game, I feel very much like I am playing the game of life.

Huan Jin


Mathematics is a beautiful language that is able to precisely describe many things, and yet at the same time, able to be interpreted in the same way to people of different cultures and background. In other words, one plus one can only be two no matter which part of the world you are in.

I thought I was good at mathematics when I was young. But as a I grew older, Mathematics became harder and harder to a point that sometimes I find myself struggling with it.


But through hard work and perseverance, I survived the challenging years of mathematics in JC and University. 🙂

For those who are facing difficulties with Mathematics, there is a video for you. It may not do wonders to your grades, but nevertheless  it is good entertainment.

Huan Jin